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3D Sleeping Mask +Earplugs

3D Sleeping Mask +Earplugs

3D Sleeping Mask +Earplugs

$ 12.00

When you're traveling, there's no better way to drastically improve your comfort level than with a sleeping mask.

You'll use it on the airplane, in bright hostels, and anytime you want to get some shut eye.

I love this 3D sleeping mask because it's very soft, light, forms to the contours of my face and doesn't rest directly on my eyes.

You'll want to pick up a few more, but I've thrown in a pair of eye plugs with this sleeping mask to get your started.

About This Sleeping Mask

  • Material: Polyester / Sponge
  • Weight: 15 g


Please Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.